Details of the group's subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures and associates are set out below. Unless otherwise specified, the registered address for each entity is Haweswater House, Lingley Mere Business Park, Lingley Green Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington, WA5 3LP, United Kingdom. For further details of joint ventures and associates please see notes 12 and 13.

Class of share capital heldProportion of share capital owned/voting rights %*Nature of business
Subsidiary undertakings
Great Britain
Halkyn District Mines Drainage Company LimitedOrdinary99.9Dormant
North West Water International LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company for international business
North West Water LimitedOrdinary100.0Dormant
United Utilities (Overseas Holdings) LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company
United Utilities Energy LimitedOrdinary100.0Energy generation
United Utilities Healthcare Trustee LimitedOrdinary100.0Corporate trustee
United Utilities International LimitedOrdinary100.0Consulting services and project management
United Utilities North West LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company
United Utilities Operational Services LimitedOrdinary100.0Operations and maintenance contract holder
United Utilities Pensions Trustees LimitedOrdinary100.0Corporate trustee
United Utilities PLCOrdinary100.0Holding and management company
United Utilities Property Services LimitedOrdinary100.0Property management
United Utilities Renewable Energy LimitedOrdinary100.0Renewable energy generation
United Utilities Total Solutions LimitedOrdinary100.0Water and wastewater services
United Utilities Utility Solutions (Industrial) LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company
United Utilities Utility Solutions Holdings LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company
United Utilities Water Finance PLCOrdinary100.0Financing company
United Utilities Water LimitedOrdinary100.0Water and wastewater services
United Utilities Water Operations Holdings LimitedOrdinary100.0Holding company
UU (ESPS) Pension Trustee LimitedOrdinary100.0Corporate trustee
UU Group LimitedOrdinary100.0Dormant
UU Secretariat LimitedOrdinary100.0Dormant
YCL Transport LimitedOrdinary100.0Non-trading
United Utilities Bioresources LimitedOrdinary100.0Wastewater services
The Netherlands
United Utilities (Tallinn) BVOrdinary100.0Holding company
Manta Management Services Limited(1)Ordinary49.0Management company
Water Resources Limited(1)Ordinary100.0Non-trading
Joint ventures
Great Britain
Lingley Mere Business Park Development Company LimitedOrdinary50.0Development company
Lingley Mere Management Company LimitedOrdinary50.0Property management
Selectusonline LimitedOrdinary16.7Procurement portal
Water Plus Group Limited(2)Ordinary50.0Holding company
AS Tallinna Vesi(3)Ordinary35.3Water and wastewater services
Associated undertakings
Muharraq STP Company BSC(c)(4)Ordinary20.0Project company
Muharraq Wastewater Services Company WLL(4)Ordinary35.0Operations and maintenance company
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE
Muharraq Holding Company 1 Limited(5)Ordinary20.0Holding company

* With the exception of United Utilities PLC, shares are held by subsidiary undertakings rather than directly by United Utilities Group PLC.


  1. Registered address: 4th Floor, Iyara Building Room 405, 2/22 Chan Road, Thung Wat Don Sub-district, Sathon District, Bangkok, 10120 Thailand.
  2. Registered address: Two Smithfield, Leonard Coates Way, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, ST1 4FD.
  3. Registered address: Adala 10, Tallinn 10614, Estonia.
  4. Registered address: Building 200, Road 13, Block 115, Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. Registered address: Al Tamimi & Company, 9th Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.