The following are the major deferred tax liabilities and assets recognised by the group, and the movements thereon, during the current and prior year:


Accelerated tax depreciation
Retirement benefit obligations
At 1 April 20151,125.016.6(17.8)1,123.8
(Credited)/charged to the income statement (see note 6)(88.2)6.5(6.6)(88.3)
Charged to equity (see note 6)26.526.5
At 31 March 20161,036.849.6(24.4)1,062.0
(Credited)/charged to the income statement (see note 6)(25.4)2.4(23.0)
Credited to equity (see note 6)(7.5)(7.5)
At 31 March 20171,011.442.1(22.0)1,031.5

Certain deferred tax assets and liabilities have been offset in accordance with IAS 12 'Income Taxes'.


The company had no deferred tax assets or liabilities at 31 March 2017 or 31 March 2016.