Our vision is to be the best UK water and wastewater company, providing great service to our customers.

Our core values

Our three core values provide the cultural framework within which we are working towards achieving our vision, and we encourage our employees to live these values in everything they do in their daily work.

Customer focus

Everything that we do will be about our customers, not us.


We will make promises knowingly and keep them.


We will innovate to make our services better, safer, faster and cheaper for our customers.

Through our core values, we are embedding a customer service orientated culture, recognising the importance of maintaining a relationship built on trust and confidence, and continually striving to improve the customer experience.

Our business principles

We strongly believe that only by talking and listening to our customers and stakeholders can we act more responsibly and improve the way we do things.

With this in mind, we developed a set of business principles through conversations with our customers and stakeholders that demonstrate our commitment to delivering our services in an environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial and socially responsible manner.

These business principles cover five key themes:

Providing great service icon

Providing great service to customers

Working to protect icon

Working to protect and enhance the environment

Directors icon

Actively supporting local communities

Supporting employees icon

Supporting our employees to achieve their full potential in a safe workplace

Financial statements icon

Delivering good value to stakeholders and managing our supply chain fairly

More about business principles can be found on our website at: corporate.unitedutilities.com/united-utilities-business-principles

Our strategy

Our strategy is to create sustainable value by delivering:

The best service to customers

At the lowest sustainable cost

In a responsible manner

These three strategic themes are used as a framework for us to measure each aspect of our performance, and each of our operational KPIs is closely linked to one of these strategic themes, although it is indicative of the interconnectivity of our business that these may often link broadly to more than one of these strategic themes.

With our core values and business principles in mind, to demonstrate how we will deliver our strategy with a focus on what our customers and stakeholders want, we have broken down our three strategic themes into eight key outcomes, as set out in our business model.