As the UK's largest listed water company, we help life flow smoothly for around seven million people and 200,000 businesses in the North West by providing them with clean, fresh water every day.

We take away and treat the North West's wastewater, helping to keep our rivers and beaches clean.

Across our region, we are investing to make our network more resilient to the effects of climate change and to continue to improve drinking water quality.

We want to ensure that our customers can rely on us for a great service, and that the investment we are making to deliver this gives a boost to the North West's economy, supporting thousands of jobs, and securing a legacy for the future.

Our vision is to be the best UK water and wastewater company, providing great service to our customers.

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Financial statements

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Our Annual Report and Financial Statements aims to meet the information needs of our investors to help them make informed decisions regarding their participation – for example, whether to buy, sell or hold our shares or bonds, whether to engage with management on issues and how to vote their shares. This includes information that we believe is material to these decisions and we present it in a way which we believe is fair, balanced and understandable.

We recognise that this report will be read by a wide variety of other stakeholders including customers, suppliers, analysts, regulators, non-governmental organisations, politicians and devolved authorities. Where we believe that a topic is material to a large number of them, we either include it in this report or refer to other reports and information (such as our customer communications, our corporate responsibility web pages or our regulatory reports).

We believe this approach meets the requirements of company law, the UK Corporate Governance Code, IFRS and the <IR> Framework and that we go beyond those requirements where we feel it is particularly helpful to do so and where that can be done without making the report unnecessarily lengthy or difficult to read.

Integrated report

We continually seek to develop our integrated reporting, building on enhancements made in prior years, in order to improve our communication with stakeholders.

This annual report has been prepared and presented in accordance with the International <IR> Framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council in December 2013 and approved by the board.